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SHAME ON UPS! Your workers deserve a fairer contract.

United Parcel Service, Inc has raked in billions in profits thanks to the workers who literally delivered those profits. Even during the pandemic, UPS's workers delivered the food, medical supplies, and more that our country relied upon to survive. Now these workers are being shortchanged and are poised to strike because UPS refuses to negotiate a fair contract with them.

We support the Teamsters International and its efforts to fight for its members who work for UPS but who are being treated unfairly. It's time that UPS provided fairer wages and safer working conditions. If UPS fails its workers, AWF Action Fund encourages everyone to support a strike -- until UPS comes to its senses and put its workers, first.

UPS CEO Carol Tomé raked in over $27.5 million last year in compensation. UPS made billions in profits.

UPS: Stop being greedy! Give your workers the fair contract they deserve -- now.


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