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This devastating disaster has upended the lives of so many Americans in ways so profound the impact has yet to be fully realized.

There will be jobs that will never come back. Our economy will change in ways we never could have anticipated. Family members will never walk through our doors and friends will be lost. Millions more will suffer from longterm health problems.

There should be no debate that President Trump and his administration failed our country by being unable and unwilling to meet the crisis that has ravaged our nation. Coronavirus declared war on us and President Trump did nothing.

Trump said it would be over by Easter, remember?

Trump said the cold weather would kill the virus, remember?

Trump said masks weren't necessary, remember?

Trump said there was medicine that could prevent the virus, remember?

Trump speculated that drinking bleach could treat the virus, remember?

Trump ignored scientists and repeatedly undermined our health and safety. Never forget.

200,000 Americans dead from COVID-19. It did not need to be this bad. It does not need to continue to be this bad. But it will be until we replace Donald Trump with a president who believes in science, has a moral conscience and who puts our country's interests ahead of his own.

President Trump has failed us. We must not let this continue. Too many people are dying because of his failed and corrupt presidency.

This isn't partisan. This is life and death.


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